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          Welcome to the Legion

            Raven Legions Music Promotions and Celebrity Interviews

                           Legionz ReKreationz & Designz 

                                  Hell on Heels Legion

                              Legionesque & Horrorlesque

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                              Eccentric & Diverse Models 

                                I believe  the key to success is by lifting others to their goals,

                             I also believe that networking  is a huge part of not just business

                            but in life. I collaborate with many artists and promote even more.

                            I have been very fortunate to have met many Power House Artists  &

                             Entrepreneurs in this monster of the Entertainment business. I have

                            partnered up with them and plan on going the extra mile to do all

                                                   I can to help them succeed.

                                      I have been in a place mentally and physically

                               unwell before and from time to time, and I want no one to

                              experience the way it feels to be toxic, follow my holistic path

                                        I've been public with since March of 2016.

                                               If you choose to work with us here,

                                          you will see that The Legion and Affiliates 

                                            dabbles in all that glitters and spooks you.

                        I am very proud of our Partners and Pillars of our Close circle of artists.

                         main affiliates, partners and independent contractors are as Follows.

                  These amazing artists and performers have all collaborated with one another

                       and we all plan to collaborate with one another to bring you some of the

                  most wicked and sensational showcases oozing with phenomenal showmanship.

         Any show,season,holiday or theme, we can speacilaize for your events and special occasions.

                                                             LATEST SHOWS

Our Team.

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Raven has been dealing with health issues since 1997,
her journey has been difficult,  thruout her 25+ years in the arts industry,
she's had many major surgeries and unexpected diagnosis's.
She has always pushed herself, almost over the limit at times,
she  is undergoing multiple treatments and has a care team of health
professionals, she is still able to model, show    her designs  and go
out to do shoots with some    assistance, however, due to some of her
conditions, she can not  perform  or mc at this time due to her ongoing
ailments. Once she has clearance she'll be back at itRaven, has been
avidly trying to prove that no matter an individuals disabilities
that you too can show the world the talent you contain,  and your
love for the arts. 
This does not mean Legion is done,weve got
partners and affiliates.
Raven will keep all up to date on her progress, stay tuned.

Sincerely, Team Legion

The following few sections are videos of interviews with some amazing people in the entertainment business & testimonies & recommendations from people whom have directly worked with Raven and experienced the Legion. Please take the time to watch them, and please read their thoughts about our Founder...

Thank you for your Continued Support
Team Legion

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Raven Legion trying to Cover Sing W Me Opera by Tarja, lol Ya!

Raven Legion trying to Cover Sing W Me Opera by Tarja, lol Ya!

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Spotlight with Cassandra Peterson "Elvira" W Raven Legion

Spotlight with Cassandra Peterson "Elvira" W Raven Legion

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Raven Legion/Mistress Juliya SLAVE TO METAL TOUR 2009

Raven Legion/Mistress Juliya SLAVE TO METAL TOUR 2009

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"Talent knows no races nor borders."

Below are reviews and testimonials


"Bright, professional enthusiastic! Raven Legion is a force to behold. Out going friendly powerhouse with attention to details, situational awareness, brings great entertainment and is a joy to work for and with!!"

Gentle Fritz - Gezelle Za Belle
Owner Zodiac Venue CoSprings

What can't this woman do! Raven has so many talents , amazing singer, promoter, host, model, it goes on and on. But with each of these, she takes them all on 100% and professionalism at its finest. Raven is highly suggested and recommended in all she does.this is one person I'm glad to have and continue to work with!

Jay Knapp Photography


Love Raven so much!! She's amazing!! Love her work! Love everything about her.


Raven is a talented promoter, interviewer, photographer and pretty much anything she sets out to do, she does with absolute style and pizzazz! I've known Rae for many years; I've worked with her and seen her in action doing incredible projects. This lady works hard and I highly recommend working with her!

Boudoir By Brittany


Raven Legion

"Beauty is One thing, Attitude is Everything."







Raven, is a Multi-talented, Multi-Faceted Entertainer, whom can be anyone or any type of Artist/Host you request for your event. She Produces shows, hosts  shows, does comedy bits, sings, dances, choreographs, Interviews for special events, covers events, acts, models, does impersonations, also paints, sculpts, and is a makeup/hair artist, faux designer and photographer.

She is Dark, Dazzling and Resilient, a perfect fit for any occasion



Performance & Hosting


Productions & Film Works


Alternative Modeling & Fashion

I bring the party to all of your special events. Contact me today.

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Alternative Modeling





Where did Raven Come From?

Born to Shine on the Darkside

Greetings Darklings,

I am Raven, an eclectic, eccentric,diverse,multicultural,universal music/movie/artist 

enthusiast, and artist myself. I believe my love for entertainment and art is due to the way I was raised and whom my folks were. My Father is a famous man from Mexico. He has had 7 L.P.'s and 3 Motion Pictures and has been inducted into the Mexican Music Hall of Fame. Hes had the honor to play with many many legends, to name a few, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Richie Havens, Blood Sweat and Tears, Freddy Fender, International acts like Ramon Ayala, El Tri and so many many more. My Mother is an artist, she paints and does amazing makeup and costume design. She from as far back as I can remember, she ran night clubs, gogo danced for my Dads band and also was a film extra for a few movies in the 60's. I was born into the Night Life, Entertainment and being surrounded by fame. I was even held by the one and only Clint Eastwood at the wee age of 3 months, from what my family says, he couldn't let me go... This happened in 1978 at the Denver's famous Pig n Whistle, my Grandmas bar/hotel she ran, during the filming of "Any Which Way but Loose. I still have a goal to interview him and many other celebrities someday. I have been around the music and film life so much, that I have seen the sexy glitz ad glam of it, but being in a family surrounded by it, I remember the pains and exploitation many artists go thru. Watching my Father, an amazing amazing man, seeing him be upset for Venues promised one amount for play, and they would be shorted, or how being human can actually destroy what your trying to build. I sang in a couple of his bands, had a few gigs by 15, akways won talent show, one performance was thriller, then incorporated my goth style in middle school and kept getting sent home for wearing black lipstick lol. Now to fast forward a ways into the future, at the age of 24 I was ready to start a life as a mortician, yes, an artist for the deceased. During my wanting to stay in school and do all thats needed, I had little people join me on my life journey. So being a full-time mom preceded over any academics. I was somehow found out regarding my talent in the makeup department the same year I chose to sit stagnant. I pulled from my roots, my Gothic clothes, my black lipstick an died my hair burgundy. I became the regular BBW goth makeup artist in the area and I was hired for my skills for local media and haunted houses in the area. Then from Halloween artist to everyday drag queen artist to then night club artist for dancers. As I lost weight and adopted a healthier lifestyle, I then too joined entertainment. I became a Burlesque dancer. After dabbling on stage, I chose to back away from being in the lime light, to being behind those whom truly deserve my push and pull. I started booking shows, managed a couple of bands, still did makeup for dancers on side, started Hell on Heels Legion and Legion Photography. I was then lucky to book some of Denver's most memorable local shows, worked side by side with international public figures. I wanted to bring the confidence out in the Models and Bands I work with, my goal is for those whom deserve to be seen, admired and worshiped, be seen, tremendously, and for those whom have accomplished many feats, they deserve to have their back patted from time to time, and not be forgotten because a trend came in and squashed their efforts. I finally was able to interview a handful of amazing artists, to name a few, Metal Sanaz, White Lion and Lacuna Coil. I then was blessed with another little life, and almost passed with him, I managed to survive but have till now suffered from illness and pain. I started to get back into photography again due to a very dear friend, Becky, whom was diagnosed with cancer. Because of Becky to be quite honest, she pulled me out of my slump and showed me her fight up till the day she was called home. Her drive and life force showed me that no matter how ill or in pain you are, you can still move mountains. After she passed I got worse. RX's by the Docs starting piling up, mentally distraught, I tried clouding my mind with unnecessary needs and wants, my soul became less tolerable, and I felt personally attacked by the world.. Being overly medicated and not eating right or exercising, will kill anyone. I am sure people I have offended or hurt may have lots to say about me and what I do, but a personal matter between adults shouldn't be grounds to judge a person. I have 15 years of experiance, stellar reviews, references, celebrity views and proof of my alternative career, I feel that 1-2 even 3 events or issues, that have been proven to revolve around my health has zero to do with my quality of works, promotions and business dealings. So remember, everyone, I have haters out there, the point of the matter is that they become your motivators, I wouldn't doubt it some peeps have their own dirt on me and wouldn't mind sharing possible recordings of me being, lets say maniacal and unstable, what do you expect on 100s of new drugs a year, anyone would be crazy and uncool, but if that were to be put out there, why would anyone ever want to throw someone under the bus thats just trying to get by, food for thought my friends...Personally, my children are just that, they motivate me to be the greatest at all I do, I hope I can leave them a Legacy... I have since my onset of major illness, have chosen to make a huge lifestyle Change. I am full blown holistic and homeopathic now, I have taken zero RX's since March, I have lost 40 pounds since my cleansing started. I have chosen to start a blog regarding healthy eating, on a budget which is huge, and supplements, alternative remedies and more. Thanks for reading a little more bout, my Bat Like craziness. I just want to Love, Promote and Make amazing Art...


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