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                                    We follow all

                          COVID 19 REGULATIONS,

                       RESTRICTIONS AND MANDATES

          Welcome to the Legion

                                  Raven Legions Music

                           Legionz ReKreationz & Designz 

                                  Hell on Heels Legion

                                  Legion Photography

                                I believe  the key to success is by lifting others to their goals,

                             I also believe that networking  is a huge part of not just business

                            but in life. I collaborate with many artists and promote even more.

                            I have been very fortunate to have met many Power House Artists  &

                             Entrepreneurs in this monster of the Entertainment business. I have

                            partnered up with them and plan on going the extra mile to do all

                                                   I can to help them succeed.

                                      I have been in a place mentally and physically

                               unwell before and from time to time, and I want no one to

                              experience the way it feels to be toxic, follow my holistic path

                                        I've been public with since March of 2016.

                                               If you  choose to work with us here,

                                                   you will see that Miss Raven

                                            dabbles in all that glitters and is whole...

                             My Children will be left with the Legacy of LEGION, My Legacy.


Greetings Darklings, it tis I, your Crazy   and   artistic Friend Raven,
I am proud to announce our first Post COVID  Show, I have also been cleared to Mc again and to resume light excercise and moderate cardio.  I will be hosting this amazing event that will also be in Denver in October.

Legions SciFi Horrorlesque Sideshow



Raven has been dealing with health issues since 1997, her journey has been difficult,  thruout her 25+ years in the arts industry, shes had many major surgeries and unexpected diagnosis's. She has always pushed herself, almost over the limit at times, she  is undergoing multiple treatments and has a care team of health professionals, she is still able to model, show    her designs  and go out to do shoots with some    assistance, however, due to some of her conditions, she can not  perform  or mc at this time due to her ongoing ailments. Once she has clearance she'll be back at it
Raven, has been avidly trying to prove that no matter an individuals disabilities that you too can show the world the talent you contain,  and your love for the arts.  This does not mean Legion is done,weve got partners and sponsors, and  Raven will keep all up
to date on her progress, stay tuned.

Sincerely, Team Legion


The following few sections are videos of interviews with some amazing people in the entertainment business & testimonies & recommendations from people whom have directly worked with Raven and experienced the Legion. Please take the time to watch them, and please read their thoughts about our Founder...

Thank you for your Continued Support
Team Legion

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Raven Legion trying to Cover Sing W Me Opera by Tarja, lol Ya!

Raven Legion trying to Cover Sing W Me Opera by Tarja, lol Ya!

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Spotlight with Cassandra Peterson "Elvira" W Raven Legion

Spotlight with Cassandra Peterson "Elvira" W Raven Legion

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Raven Legion/Mistress Juliya SLAVE TO METAL TOUR 2009

Raven Legion/Mistress Juliya SLAVE TO METAL TOUR 2009

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